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Lord Owen reveals his letter to EU Heads of Government sent in advance of the EU Summit meeting.

Lord Owen comments on the letter he sent to the heads of all EU governments ahead of the EU summit on 10 April, 2019:

There is still just time to avoid the UK having to fight the European elections and to agree the Withdrawal Treaty on the basis of this letter sent to the European Heads of Government.

The Irish backstop would be re-examined, something the German government appears open …

Lord Owen re-issues correspondence with PM on Britain’s EFTA option outside the EU.

As the House of Commons begins a series of indicative votes on the Brexit process beginning on 27 March, Lord Owen re-issues his long correspondence with the Prime Minister on the EFTA option for Britain outside the EU.

He believes that the Withdrawal Treaty must be ratified as soon as possible: also that there are ways in which the 27 Member States of the EU and the UK Government can …

This is no SDP rerun, but a younger socialist could still take Labour to power.

Lord Owen writing in The Sunday Times, 24 February 2019.

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“…Disowning the largest democratic vote in our history, and commitments made as recently as the 2017 general election to deliver in parliament the referendum result, is, to put it mildly, an odd basis for starting a new centre grouping intended to destroy the other two parties, as the Independent Group of …

We must face up to that withdrawal agreement over the next few weeks – and the sooner, the better.

Lord Owen’s speech in the House of Lords debate to take note of the outcome of negotiations with the European Union, 29 January 2016

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Read the full text here: HL28.1.19


“I suggest that in the political declaration, we ask that if on 31 December 2020, the UK wishes, as a non-EU contracting party, to be a member of the European Economic Area, …