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Why Ukraine will be Putin’s undoing: Podcast

Lord David Owen, former Foreign Secretary on why he thinks Ukraine is Vladimir Putin’s undoing; how the Russian President’s approach has radically changed since he first took power; and fears about nuclear threats.

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From ‘Choppers Politics’: the weekly politics podcast of the UK’s Telegraph newspaper, presented by Christopher ‘Chopper’ Hope, associate editor. Released 04 March 22.

Approx 10 minutes duration, starts around 1’25”…

Introduction to the topic of Hubris Syndrome:

In 2011 Lord Owen was instrumental in establishing a charitable trust, the Daedalus Trust ( with the aim of promoting research into personality changes associated with the exercise of power amongst leaders in all walks of life. The name for the Trust was chosen because of Daedalus’s combination of risk-taking tempered by wisdom.

The Trust increased awareness of this important leadership and governance issue and supported research that

David Owen raises concerns about the proposed NHS reforms

“Unfortunately my assessment of the Government’s proposed NHS Reforms of 8 February 2021 has proved to be far too optimistic and the Brexit campaign’s commitment to return to the 1948 model of the Secretary of State providing a democratically controlled  comprehensive NHS as held sway from 1948 until 2001 is being quietly buried by Matt Hancock and Sir Simon Stevens.

“The evidence for this comes from an exceptionally powerful analysis …

David Owen discusses current topics with Matt Forde

Broadcast in the series ‘The Political Party, Matt Forde’. 21 May 2021.
1hr 58″

David Owen reminisces about Roy Jenkins, Shirley Williams and Margaret Thatcher, but also delivers sharp political analysis about Keir Starmer, Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn and Brexit…. His insights on the international stage include brilliant stories about his encounters with Ronald Reagan, Robert Mugabe and Slobodan Milosevic.

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Queen’s Speech debate: the democratic powers and responsibility for the NHS should be returned to the Secretary of State.

Speaking in the House of Lords Queen’s Speech debate on Wednesday 12 May 2021, Lord Owen argues powerfully and passionately for the democratic powers and responsibility for the NHS to be returned to the Secretary of State. View his speech here:

‘Planet Normal’ interview with David Owen on current topics

Lord Owen speaks to the Planet Normal podcast of the UK’s Daily Telegraph (22 April 2021). In a wide-ranging interview, he discusses the Government’s response to Covid, the various lobbying scandals and the wisdom of proper Cabinet Government. In particular, in the wake of the death of Shirley Williams he talks of the ‘what ifs’ of history if she had become, as he wished, leader of the Social Democratic Party …

China’s latest acts of oppression must act as a wake-up call

Lord Owen writes in The Times, 26 November 2020

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The third breach of the Sino-British Joint Declaration by the Chinese Communist Party should serve as a wake-up call not just to Britain but to her allies as well.

The pace at which President Xi has dismantled Hong Kong’s democracy through the purging of pro-democracy and the recent arrests of former pro-democracy lawmakers only points to