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History of British-Russian relations in the spotlight: podcast

Lord Owen discusses his book Riddle, Mystery and Enigma: Two hundred years of British – Russian Relations with political observer Will Barber Taylor on the ‘Debated’ podcast. The conversations ranges from George Canning’s time as Foreign Secretary; to Britain, Russia and the Great Game; the impact of communism on 20th century politics; the Russian invasion of Ukraine; and Britain’s recent decision to send migrants to Rwanda.

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Putin’s brutal war shows why we still need NATO

Lord Owen writing in the April 2022 issue of The Critic.

“The Russian invasion of Ukraine has highlighted the folly of proposals for a European army.”

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“…. no leader of Russia … has shown the same readiness to use nuclear weapons (or) made it clearer that he wishes to regain territory lost from the USSR since the fall of the Berlin Wall.”


Why Ukraine will be Putin’s undoing: Podcast

Lord David Owen, former Foreign Secretary on why he thinks Ukraine is Vladimir Putin’s undoing; how the Russian President’s approach has radically changed since he first took power; and fears about nuclear threats.

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From ‘Choppers Politics’: the weekly politics podcast of the UK’s Telegraph newspaper, presented by Christopher ‘Chopper’ Hope, associate editor. Released 04 March 22.

Approx 10 minutes duration, starts around 1’25”…

Inside Putin’s mind: power has blinded Russia’s new tsar

The dictator’s untrammelled influence has given him delusions of righteousness, Our democratic world must challenge him or be crushed.

Lord Owen and Professor Ian Roberston write in UK’s Sunday Times, Sunday 27 February 2022

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“….power is as potent a brain-changer as any drug and Putin is in a dangerous mental state because of this. His religiosity and sense of spiritual mission, combined with his blunted …

Russia & Britain: from Navarino to Ukraine – podcast

Lord Owen spoke on 25 February 2022 to Jack Blanchard for Politico’s ‘Westminster Insider’ podcast about the turbulent history of the Anglo-Russian relationship.

As Vladimir Putin’s brutal invasion of Ukraine plunges Russia’s relations with the West into crisis,, Lord Owen charts the many ups and downs of the 19th and 20th centuries, a period through which Britain and Russia fought side by side in three major wars while also coming …