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The Europe Question

Editorial published in The Times 7 June, 2012, p2

“The euro crisis will force Britons to make a choice between being part of the fuller union of a federal government or a common trading bloc”.

Closer integration was meant to bind together the European family of nations. It has instead created discord and disharmony. It has also been an endur- ing source of division in British politics, within mainstream parties …

My Vision For a New Europe

Article published by Lord Owen in The Times 7 June, 2012, p24

As a student I travelled extensively around Europe, particularly to Greece, France, West and East Germany and Czechoslovakia. I loved the diversity and depth of the different cultures. I was enchanted by the way people identified with their village, town or city and, in most cases, their nation. All of this seemed to come together under the term …

Labour must align with the British people on Europe before it’s too late

Article by  Lord Owen published in The New Statesmen, 6 June 2012

Amidst the eurozone crisis, involving Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Spain and Italy – the countries that have found themselves with the deepest, but different, problems – it is easy to ignore one simple fact: maintaining a eurozone, even a smaller one which remains the most likely outcome, will involve much greater integration for those countries that manage to stay …

Lord Owen speaks on constitutional implications of the eurozone crisis”.

Speech by Lord Owen, Wednesday 10 May 2012

My Lords, I wish to speak about what I believe is the biggest constitutional crisis facing this country, and it is related to the eurozone. There is a feeling, which I think is profoundly mistaken, that somehow we can isolate ourselves from the constitutional changes that are being suggested for the eurozone. It is to the credit of the Government, the Prime …

How To Remain A Nation State

Speech by Lord Owen to Peterhouse  Politics Society, Cambridge, Wednesday 22 February 2012

In all the controversy about the eurozone and Greece it is easy to ignore one simple fact: maintaining a core eurozone is creating an unstoppable momentum towards a United States of Europe.

On 7 February 2012 the German Chancellor Angela Merkel indicated very clearly her direction of travel. The eurozone crisis for her is to be the …