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(Recent research is indicating) a stress model for hubris syndrome: more research into its linkage to hubris offers a very real opportunity for improving decision-making. Lecture for the Society of British Neurological Surgeons spring 2018 meeting.

Speech by The Rt Hon Lord Owen to the Society of British Neurological Surgeons spring meeting, Torquay, Friday 13 April 2018: The Geoffrey Jefferson Lecture – Neuroscience and Psychology of Hubris Syndrome.

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Growing evidence shows that positions of power in politics and business may corrupt the ability of those in them to behave rationally. It’s time for risk managers to take heed.

Article published in the winter 2016 edition of Enterprise Risk, the official magazine of the Institute of Risk Management (UK).

Hubris is almost an occupational hazard for leaders, for it feeds on the isolation that often builds up around (them)….…