Inside Putin’s mind: power has blinded Russia’s new tsar

The dictator’s untrammelled influence has given him delusions of righteousness, Our democratic world must challenge him or be crushed.

Lord Owen and Professor Ian Roberston write in UK’s Sunday Times, Sunday 27 February 2022

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“….power is as potent a brain-changer as any drug and Putin is in a dangerous mental state because of this. His religiosity and sense of spiritual mission, combined with his blunted risk perception and contempt for any adviser who might contradict or warn him, means that he cannot be considered a fully rational actor.

“…there is one consolation we can take from Greek mythology. The hubris- inflamed Icarus flew too close to the sun and fell. And in Roman times, having made himself a demigod, Julius Caesar came across Brutus. President Putin may be full of anger and contempt — but he is also haunted by fear.”