A coalition government is not the answer

“Cross-party government worked in wartime—but this is not a war. Those clamouring for coalition should remember that.”


A coalition government is not the answer

“I am opposed to a coalition government.

“Labour under Attlee opposed a coalition when the war started in 1939, believing the time was not right under Chamberlain, and no one knew how long what became known as the “phoney war“ would last. In May 1940 we did literally face our darkest hour. This was the time for a coalition…. (but) there are virtually no meaningful comparisons today with the First and Second World wars.

“I doubt it is even wise to use the expression ‘war’ to fight this virus…..

“…The biggest area in which the coronavirus is different is that we will get a vaccine… A vaccine will control coronavirus and it may even be eradicated.”

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