Lockdown thoughts: revisiting ‘Labour’s Love Lost’

“As we all settle into isolation for, I hope, only a few more weeks, I have been sorting out papers from the past and I thought it worth posting one or two on my website for a few people to read.

“The article ‘Labour’s Love’s Lost’ was published in a journal called Queen on 2 October 1962.

“It appeared just after I had been chosen as the prospective Labour candidate for Torrington in North Devon and when I was a junior hospital doctor working in the Royal Waterloo Hospital, an annexe of and a short distance from St Thomas’s Hospital. I have kept the article and re-read it over the years and now believe it quite apposite to our world of Covid-19.

“I left the Labour Party in January 1981 and have never re-joined despite giving it donations from time to time when wishing it well. I am, however, a supporter and paid my £25 to vote for Kier Starmer, Labour’s new leader, and Angela Rayner, his deputy. At my age I am unlikely to re-join Labour but I certainly would if I saw evidence of what Henry Fairlie wrote in this article, “Labour has – not consistently but from time to time – made love a principle of political action.”

“Henry Fairlie’s chosen speciality at the time was writing about what he called the Establishment. The article is reproduced as published except for one long para about MPs long since dead and of whom most people will have no memory.”

Labour’s Love Lost