Lord Owen argues against early, speeded EU membership for Turkey

On Sunday, 21 May Lord Owen appeared on both Sunday Politics with Andrew Neil and Murnaghan on Sky News.

In these programmes Lord Owen reminded viewers that David Cameron had committed the UK at the European Council on 18 March 2016 (only 9 weeks ago) in para 8 of the formal announcement from the Council  “to re-energise the accession process” of Turkey into the EU. Also that “Preparatory work for the opening of other Chapters will continue at an accelerating pace …All these elements will be taken forward in parallel.”

Lord Owen stressed the paramount need to keep Turkey in NATO and as a country part European, part Middle East. The way to do that was through entry into the Single Market with other countries not in the EU but without a commitment to free movement of people and labour. Not through early, speeded-up EU membership with automatic right of entry into all other EU countries.