Hard-hitting answers to the EU Referendum questions most worrying voters

Titling his speech ‘The Courage of our Convictions’ and urging UK voters to “make 23 June our Independence Day”, Lord Owen today delivered penetrating analysis on the 10 questions being most frequently asked at EU Referendum campaign meetings:

  1. What has changed in the EU from the last referendum in 1975?
  2. Why should the Centre Left vote to leave?
  3. Tell us the truth about the economics of remaining in or leaving the EU?
  4. Tell us the truth about immigration
  5. Do the IMF and Bank of England Reports matter?
  6. How do we leave?
  7. What happens if we stay?
  8. What are the opportunities outside the EU/Eurozone?
  9. What lies behind the idea of a United States of Europe?
  10. What are the overall gains for the UK leaving the EU?


Watch Lord Owen delivering his speech here: The Courage of our Convictions

Lord Owen’s full speech with supporting annexes is here: SPEECH Vote LeaveHQ19.5.16

The accompanying press release is here: PressRelease19.5.16

“Immigration levels are at present increasing social tensions in the UK and driving the rise of right wing extremist parties across Europe,” Lord Owen commented in his speech, delivered at Vote Leave HQ.

“Leaving the EU would mean there could be an annual National Dividend like the Peace Dividend we enjoyed from reduced defence spending after the Soviet Union’s collapse. This National Dividend could mean as much as £10 billion to the UK, money which would otherwise be spent elsewhere by the EU. It should be earmarked to alleviating the social impact of immigration in specific areas of the UK most impacted by high immigration, as well as on the NHS, education and housing.”