I recommend the article produced by Brexit Central: ‘The EU is cynically exploiting the Irish border issue to try to keep Britain under the thumb.’

Commenting on stories over the weekend of 21 and 22 April 2018 on whether or not Prime Minister May will compromise on the UK continuing in the Customs Union, David Owen says:
“I recommend the article produced by Brexit Central entitled ‘The EU is cynically exploiting the Irish border to try to keep Britain under the thumb’. Click here: https://brexitcentral.com/eu-cynically-exploiting-irish-border-keep-britain-under-the-thumb/
     “The article is a rational assessment of the Irish  border problem.  While pondering on it, it is worth remembering that the Australian Foreign Minister, who wants a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the UK, as does Canada,  as soon as the planned final stage of our negotiations has been reached on the EU timetable of the end of December 2020, nevertheless warned that Australia will not be able to do this if we are in a conventional Customs Union with the EU.
     “The Irish Government is in danger of damaging, in a very fundamental way, Anglo-Irish relations if it continues to rule out a combination of flexible political and viable technological ways of resolving the problem.
     “Most British people accept that a referendum is there in law which can be called to settle the issue of North-South unity, but they will not accept – and nor should they – that the people of Northern Ireland can be politically bullied by the European Commission and Dublin, let alone threatened by some that there will be renewed IRA activity about the siting in Northern Ireland of technical and human information gathering to avoid abuse of a post-Brexit border.
     “Also recommended is Shanker Singham’s article, ‘How to fix the Irish border problem’.  Click here: https://capx.co/how-to-fix-the-irish-border-problem/