Stop dithering. We must leave the EU ASAP.

Lord Owen writing with Lord Lawson in City A.M., 4 July 2016.

Read the full article here: CityAM 4Jul16


“Whoever is the new PM must enter Downing Street with clear views to discuss with a new Cabinet and when agreed, issue instructions for Whitehall to prepare to leave the EU swiftly and smoothly.

“We owe it to the business community, and to our EU partners, to minimise the period and disruption that is involved in leaving the EU

“We also owe it to the British people to deliver on the referendum vote, and not to cavil or delay taking back control over our laws, our borders and our financial contributions to the EU.

“That means starting to leave in a few months, not stretching it out for years, while discussing the transition within a democratic framework.”