Russia & Britain: from Navarino to Ukraine – podcast

Lord Owen spoke on 25 February 2022 to Jack Blanchard for Politico’s ‘Westminster Insider’ podcast about the turbulent history of the Anglo-Russian relationship.

As Vladimir Putin’s brutal invasion of Ukraine plunges Russia’s relations with the West into crisis,, Lord Owen charts the many ups and downs of the 19th and 20th centuries, a period through which Britain and Russia fought side by side in three major wars while also coming close to outright conflict on multiple occasions. He recalls his first visit to Moscow as foreign secretary at the height of the Cold War, and his subsequent run-ins with Presidents Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin while working as an EU diplomat and as a businessman. And he offers a damning verdict on Putin’s latest act of aggression, with a chilling warning too of what it might mean for the months ahead.

Listen to the podcast here