How the Syrian Conflict Could Lead to a Clash Between Russia and NATO

Speech  to International Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance students, Chateau de Bossey, Geneva, Tuesday 23 February, 2016

“The humanitarian crisis in Syria has gone on so long ….. that we can lose sight of the military dangers that are now threatening the Middle East…

“It has long been feared in NATO that the Syrian crisis would spill over into a wider war, but that moment is closer now than it has ever been before….

“NATO needs to establish two clear positions.

  • Firstly, they will not become embroiled as an alliance in fighting on the ground in Syria.
  • Secondly, they will, however, respond to any attack that threatens the territorial integrity of Turkey.

Without clarity on these two issues it seems there is a real danger of a geopolitical military spill over. It maybe that nothing can prevent a regional war.”

Read the full text here:Potential for Russia-NATO conflict