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Syria’s Divided Future?

Lord Owen interview on CNN 5 November, 2013

Lord Owen suggests partition in Syria is becoming an increasingly inevitable outcome as a change in the balance of the elements of the Shia grouping takes place on the ground. He warns that a 1919 Treaty of Paris carve-up must be avoided and that solutions must come from within the region.

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Diplomatic Opening for Iran Can Help End Syria Crisis

Article by Lord Owen published on Global Vision 23 September, 2013

LONDON — The eyes of the world are focused on the U.N. in New York this week in an amazing turnabout in international politics. We could have been in the midst of a Middle East war with the U.S. and France having attacked Syria, triggering resumed fighting across the border of southern Lebanon and Israel. Instead, the U.N. is …

Interview with Ken Livingstone and David Mellor on LBC

Interview on LBC, Saturday 7 September, 2013

Speaking on LBC Lord David Owen former Foreign Secretary demanded that “The UK Government table a resolution in the Security Council this weekend for an urgent debate on the immediate removal of all chemical weapons from Syria under UN inspection teams with representatives on those teams from the five permanent members.”

“Let us see whether China would veto such a resolution, whether Russia …

Lord Owen: How the G20 could break the deadlock on Syria

Article by Lord Owen published in The Evening Standard 2 September 2013

On Thursday in St Petersburg world leaders have an opportunity to break the deadlock in the Security Council over Syria between the Permanent Five, China, France, the UK, the US and Russia. The voice in the margins of the G20 meeting that needs to be heard on Syria, above all, is that of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. …

Lord Owen’s Interview with CNBC on Syria

Interview with CNBC 29 August 2013

Lord Owen states that diplomatic options on Syria must be pursued first. The world needs to know beyond doubt who has used the gas in Syria and we must await the UN inspector’s report. Are the US and UK correct in asserting the chemical weapons were used by the Assad regime or is there credence in the Russian claim that it was used by …

In interviews with the Daily Mirror, CNN, BBC and Sky today David Owen spoke about the need to try first to win the support of China and Russia for a three part UN Resolution

Lord Owen’s proposals regarding Syria as at 27 August 2013

A diplomatic war should be waged first in the Security Council in New York before the House of Commons endorses any British Tomahawk cruise  missiles being launched against targets in Syria.

Chemical weapons are classified as Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and there  is an International Convention on Chemical Weapons which came into effect in 1997. Today 189 countries are …

Why Syria crisis must be taken seriously by its allies in Russia

Published in The Daily Mirror, 27 August, 2013

I’m wholly in favour of making it look like we are willing to act on this gas attack but this can only be brought to an end with Russia on board.

My instinct is that we may need to do something. Frankly, the Russians have to understand that we are going to do something. I’m wholly in favour of making it look …