Lord Owen: How the G20 could break the deadlock on Syria

Article by Lord Owen published in The Evening Standard 2 September 2013

On Thursday in St Petersburg world leaders have an opportunity to break the deadlock in the Security Council over Syria between the Permanent Five, China, France, the UK, the US and Russia. The voice in the margins of the G20 meeting that needs to be heard on Syria, above all, is that of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. She could mobilise India, Brazil, Japan and others for a very simple proposition: “Leave aside for the moment your differences in the Security Council on who did or did not use gas in Syria. You five countries cannot agree over what military action should or should not be taken over that, but surely you can agree that all chemical weapons should be removed from Syria now and that such a process should start now under UN supervision as was done in Iraq in 1991…”

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