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“Constrained Intervention” Speech by Lord Owen to The Dublin Institute of International and European Affairs

Constrained Intervention: Speech by Lord Owen to The Dublin Institute of International and European Affairs

Published 5 October, 2011

The UN Security Council Resolution on Libya and its implementation by NATO is an interesting example of a new form of intervention that I have called constrained intervention.  It makes legal military action which is designed to tilt the balance of fighting on the ground in the country of a member …

We Must Hold Firm on Libya

Civilian deaths have led to doubts over Nato’s Libya campaign. Yet to stop now would be a huge defeat for humanitarian order

Article by David Owen, published in The Guardian, Thursday, 23 June, 2011

Nato’s operation in the air over Libya started on 19 March under a UN resolution and at the specific request of the Arab League. Its immediate effect was to ensure that Benghazi was not overrun by …

Declare Misrata A Safe Haven

Article on Libya by The Rt Hon Lord Owen Published in the The Times Tuesday, 19 April 2011

When I first advocated on Monday, 21 February a no-fly-zone over Libya to protect Libyan citizens from the overwhelming military superiority of the Gaddafi regime, liberation forces were in control of most of the cities and towns that bordered the Mediterranean coast apart from Tripoli.…

Lord Owen on the Tory government’s “schizophrenic” approach to the Middle East crises

Published in the Daily Mirror Friday, 18 March 2011

If you are watching the crises unfold throughout the Middle East, Britain’s approach might seem ­schizophrenic.

While the UK’s official response to crackdown in Libya was vocal against the Libyan authorities and in favour of the rebels, in Bahrain the response has been almost mute by ­comparison.

In part this is becauseof vested reasons Britain has deep interests in ­maintaining links …