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The UK’s In-Out Referendum: EU Foreign and Defence Policy Reform

OwenBook copy_opt“If the only option in the forthcoming UK referendum becomes a minimalist renegotiation… there is a real chance that the British people will, and in my view should, vote to leave the EU” (p.9)

The UK’s In-Out Referendum: EU Foreign and Defence Policy Reform (Haus Publishing, December 2015. Editor Peter Hennessy)

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Europe Restructured: The Eurozone Crisis and the UK Referendum. Revised edition now available

EuropeRestructuredcover2015 copy 2_opt-2Former Foreign Secretary, Lord David Owen, a lifelong European, says “Without a very different renegotiation, for the first time in my life I could well vote ‘No’ to remaining in the EU. Continuing with much the same EU is not supportable.”

In his book Europe Restructured Lord Owen provides a negotiable blueprint for a restructured EU Single Market within the European Economic Area. It allows for more and more opt …