Labour must align with the British people on Europe before it’s too late

Article by  Lord Owen published in The New Statesmen, 6 June 2012

Amidst the eurozone crisis, involving Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Spain and Italy – the countries that have found themselves with the deepest, but different, problems – it is easy to ignore one simple fact: maintaining a eurozone, even a smaller one which remains the most likely outcome, will involve much greater integration for those countries that manage to stay in it. The very thing is happening which Hugh Gaitskell warned, fifty years ago, could come about if the UK joined the Common Market. The countries of the eurozone will soon start to look more like states in the USA and Gaitskell, Attlee’s last Chancellor of the Exchequer and by 1963, when he died, an extremely popular leader of the Labour Party, has been proven right…

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