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Lord Owen’s Interview with CNBC on Syria

Interview with CNBC 29 August 2013

Lord Owen states that diplomatic options on Syria must be pursued first. The world needs to know beyond doubt who has used the gas in Syria and we must await the UN inspector’s report. Are the US and UK correct in asserting the chemical weapons were used by the Assad regime or is there credence in the Russian claim that it was used by …

In interviews with the Daily Mirror, CNN, BBC and Sky today David Owen spoke about the need to try first to win the support of China and Russia for a three part UN Resolution

Lord Owen’s proposals regarding Syria as at 27 August 2013

A diplomatic war should be waged first in the Security Council in New York before the House of Commons endorses any British Tomahawk cruise  missiles being launched against targets in Syria.

Chemical weapons are classified as Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and there  is an International Convention on Chemical Weapons which came into effect in 1997. Today 189 countries are …

Why Syria crisis must be taken seriously by its allies in Russia

Published in The Daily Mirror, 27 August, 2013

I’m wholly in favour of making it look like we are willing to act on this gas attack but this can only be brought to an end with Russia on board.

My instinct is that we may need to do something. Frankly, the Russians have to understand that we are going to do something. I’m wholly in favour of making it look …

David Owen: We cannot acquiesce to Egypt’s military coup

Published in The Evening Standard, 14 August, 2013

When Hamas won fair elections in the West Bank and Gaza, the EU made a great mistake in brushing the results aside and refusing recognition. Unless we are very careful we will make the same mistake again over the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

It was very good that EU High Representative on Foreign Policy Catherine Ashton visited President Morsi in Cairo: this …

Syria: a roadmap to peace

Article by Lord Owen published in The Guardian 3 May 2013

Syrians need a regional settlement that is owned by the region – and the UN security council must make that happen

The lesson of history for dealing with Syria in 2013 is to avoid a repeat of 1919. At the Paris conference dominated by the United States, Britain and France, Lloyd George was heard to say: “Mesopotamia … yes …

Only a no-fly zone brokered with Russia can bring peace to Syria

Article by Lord Owen published in The Telegraph 27 September, 2012

In New York this week, addressing the UN General Assembly, David Cameron said of Syria: “The blood of these young children is a terrible stain on the reputation of the United Nations.” This is too glib. The reputation that is being damaged is not that of the UN, but of the five permanent members of the Security Council: China, …

We Can Intervene in Syria, With Russia’s Blessing

Article by Lord Owen published in The Guardian 8-9 June, 2012

The UN and Nato must heed the lessons of Kosovo and Bosnia: that diplomacy and force are effective only in alliance.

Kofi Annan, the UN special envoy to Syria, did not mince his words when the security council met yesterday. “If things do not change, the future is likely to be one of brutal repression, massacres, sectarian violence and