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House of Lords Debate, EU: Prime Minister’s Speech

Lord Owen speaks in The House of Lords Debate on the Prime Minister’s EU Speech – 31 January 2013

Lord Owen: The speech was that of a party leader, not a Prime Minister. What interests me, and, I suspect, interests the country, is what the Prime Minister is going to say when the European Council meets in the summer and, we are told, President
Hollande and Chancellor Merkel will be …

EU reform: Cameron and Miliband have a duty to act as statesmen

Article By Lord Owen published in The Guardian 20 January, 2013

Treaty amendment should not wait until 2015 – and Labour should co-operate, in the spirit of one-nation politics

It is a reflection of disarray both within his own party and in the coalition that David Cameron has virtually abdicated from the debate in Europe by advocating a delay of four to five years in reaching any settlement. During this …

House of Lords Debate on European Union: Recent Developments

Speech by Lord Owen in The House of Lords 17 December 2012

Twenty years ago this December, the late Cyrus Vance and I were deep in the mire and tragedy of the Balkans. Therefore it is with great pleasure that I welcome Croatia into the European Union—we hope this summer. I strongly support the legislation that makes this possible. About the only positive thing one could say then was that …

The PM has to hold his nerve if we are to end EU waste

Article by Lord Owen published in The Evening Standard 26 November 2012

The UK was not alone during the dispute about the EU budget last week. At one stage the Dutch prime minister, Mark Rutte, was demanding a further cut of 100 billion (Cameron was pitching for only a 50 billion reduction). Sweden was up for serious reductions; so were Denmark and Finland. Even more interestingly, Germany did not side …

European Union (Approval of Treaty Amendment Decision) Bill

Statement by Lord Owen in The House of Lords, 27 June 2012

My Lords, I know that other important business awaits so I will be very brief. However, there is a procedural question of some importance under the European Union Act 2011, which we are discussing, and the Explanatory Note relating to referendums.

Treaty referendum is becoming a very live subject now that the Finance Minister of Germany has announced …

Andreas Whittam Smith in The Independent Reviews Lord Owen’s Proposal for a Restructured Europe

Article by Andreas Whittam Smith, The Daily Telegraph, 14 June 2012

Are we still a self-governing nation? How long is the list of things that British governments cannot do unless they have permission from Brussels or the blessing of the European courts? Even without joining the eurozone, is our independence slipping away? Asking these questions is one of the merits of Lord Owen’s new book, Europe Restructured? The Eurozone Crisis …

Owen Plan Offers Vote on Britain in Europe

Article by Lord Owen published in The Times 7 June 2012, p 1 & p9

Britain must decide in a referendum whether to stay in the European Union or seize the moment to throw off the “shackles” imposed by Brussels, Lord Owen says in The Times today.

The Labour Foreign Secretary from 1977-79 says that voters must be asked whether Britain would be better off leaving the EU to join