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The EU’s Hubris has brought its own Nemesis.

Lord Owen addressing the Hellenic Psychiatric Association. London, 18 March 2016.

“A currency needs a country. A country needs its defined borders and ability to control who comes over those borders. In the 1960s we in the UK handled the Kenyan Asian influx and in the early 1970s the Ugandan Asian influx. It was not easy but the country rallied around under first Labour and then Conservative governments. Today, our …

The EU deal with Turkey is fraught with dangers.

Lord Owen writing in The Telegraph, 17 March 2016.

“In many ways, the most pressing geopolitical issue facing Britain (irrespective of whether we vote to leave the EU – and I hope we will) is how we handle Turkey. This week, EU leaders will attempt to ratify a deeply-flawed emergency deal with Ankara in the hope of solving the migrant crisis. As a result of objections from several countries, the …

EU referendum: Lord Owen calls on President Obama to consider the real questions before the British people and not just US concerns about a Eurozone collapse.

Speaking at the launch of his Haus book, ‘The UK’s In-Out Referendum. EU Foreign and Defence Policy Reform’, Centre for Policy Studies, London, 14 March 2016.

“There has been a long tradition that US Presidential visits to this country do not take place close to General Election periods. The reasons for this are obvious and hitherto scrupulously observed by Washington D.C. They also govern Prime Ministers visiting the United States.

Brexit would open world digital gateway: Britain has more than enough to go it alone

“The real threat of Brexit is probably not that Britain would be isolated, but rather the creation of an offshore Europe on the shores of the wet, foggy isle. Globalisation and integrated information technology networks have made national borders increasingly irrelevant.

“As the continent continues to isolate itself from the explosive US information technology sector, Britain would find a perfect role as Europe’s gateway to the digital world. One chuckles …

Comments to the House of Lords on the European Union Referendum Bill.

“To delay the referendum is not acceptable. To do anything in this House, either through ping-pong or otherwise, that would delay the undoubted constitutional right of the Prime Minister to choose the timing of his announcement – and therefore, following his announcement, the timing of the referendum – would be absurd.

“…. the giving of a referendum is a right for Members of Parliament and nobody else, because it curtails …

Lord David Owen on restructuring the EU and saving Syria

“The Eurozone is fundamentally flawed. It needs substantive changes. That means going towards a more federal, integrated Europe.

“… We have a real problem in that we could face a collapse in Damascus. So-called Islamic State…(are) already in the suburbs and could become the owners of Damascus. That would be an absolute tragedy.”