UK and the EU: why Britain may vote for Brexit

“We need to wake up. We are all of us being fooled in the EU, not just the UK: by Cameron over this short term fix and by Juncker and the Five Presidents. It is time to call both Cameron and Juncker’s bluff and in doing so restore some confidence to financial markets that Europe and the UK are getting their act together.

If either Cameron or Juncker fail to put their negotiations together and we are asked to vote in 2016 then the chance of BREXIT will markedly increase.”

From a speech Lord Owen delivered on 14 January 2016 to the 12th Berlin Conference, hosted by the German-British Forum and the British Chamber of Commerce. Read the full text here: BerlinSpeechFinal

Lord Owen’s House of Lords speech on the report into EU relations with Russia. 24 March 2015

“All the members of the committee deserve to be congratulated on the report and on the tone that they have brought to this discussion…. We have to develop a much greater understanding of the complexity of the issues and we must do so fairly urgently….

“A great deal has been said about this whole issue of why Russia feels encircled. History shows us exactly the same: if you look to the origins of the 1914 war, there is no question but that encirclement was a big factor. It was felt not just by Russia at various stages but byGermany and by other countries…..

“We must return to this area to try to find our way through these difficult questions.”

View the full text here: H.LDebateonEU&Russia24.3.15

Lord Owen discusses the role of “diminished empathy and unbridled intuition” in Hubris Syndrome.

Speech by the Rt Hon Lord Owen to the Latest Advances in Psychiatry Symposium, Royal College Of Physicians, London. Delivered Thursday 12 March, 2015.

“I have become increasingly interested in two interlocking features that seem to be associated with Hubris Syndrome, namely diminished empathy and unbridled intuition.

“Neither are mentioned … (in) the 14 signs and symptoms of Hubris Syndrome which I developed with Professor Jonathan Davidson in our article in Brain in 2009.

“… with the diminished empathy that often accompanies hubris comes an ever-greater reliance on intuition; and with the lack of empathy, that intuition risks becoming unbridled and dangerous.” ….

How can diminished empathy, or unbridled intuition be triggered in the brain of someone who acquires hubris? Is the “learning” or “cementing of expectations” demonstrated in recent experiments an explanation for how Hubris Syndrome appears to stay for months and years in someone who has acquired it?

Full text of Lord Owen’s speech is here: Latest Advances in Psychiatry symposium

For more on Hubris Syndrome, visit – the website of the academic and research oriented Trust dedicated to raising awareness of this important leadership and governance issue.

Speech to The House of Lords debate on The Constitutional and Parliament Effect of Coalition Government


20 JANUARY 2011

My Lords, the circumstances in which this Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition came into existence need to be recalled. It was against a very serious financial crisis, a large structural fiscal deficit and a feeling in the country that, as a result of the negotiations, we had to have a Government which would, first, carry conviction in international markets-their first challenge, which they met very successfully-and, secondly, start to deal with the structural fiscal deficit. They have started on that and I hope the jury is out, certainly among economists, as to whether they have moved too swiftly and too harshly or whether they have judged the situation correctly and that it will be proven in the next year or two.


Speech to the New York Hospital / Cornell Medical Society and Payne Whitney Clinic Psychiatry Grand Round



Download Speech here, includes footnotes/references.

I am well aware that it must be a manifestation of a hubristic trait to seek to define a new medical syndrome some forty years after I have ceased to practice clinical medicine! An article in BRAIN published in May 2009 which I wrote with Jonathan Davidson was entitled “Hubris Syndrome: An Acquired Personality Disorder?”