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In-depth interview for World Radio Switzerland

In an extended and wide-ranging interview for World Radio Switzerland Lord Owen covers many subjects including domestic politics and his involvement in the breakaway from Labour in the 1980s to form the Social Democratic Party; the strong sinews of nationhood that has been behind the growing support, including his own, for Brexit; and the dilemma the referendum result has caused the Labour and Conservative Party which are both split. How …

Lord Owen: ‘Politics is a blood sport, no use complaining’

Joel Nelson discusses Brexit, the NHS, Cameron and Blair with one of the infamous ‘Gang of Four’.

Varsity (publication of Cambridge University)
19 April 2017


David Owen greets me at the door of his home in Limehouse, east London. The former Labour Foreign Secretary, NHS GP and founder of the Social Democratic Party – which split from Labour in the 1980s – is as enigmatic and articulate as ever, …

Lord Owen looks back in BBC Radio 4 ‘Reflections’ programme.

In ‘Reflections’, historian Peter Hennessy asks senior politicians to reflect on their life and times.

In this episode, Lord David Owen discusses the transition from his early days as the son of a Welsh doctor in Plymouth to his election as a Labour MP while still in his twenties. Lord Owen reflects on his rise in politics, the events surrounding the formation of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), and his …