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Brexit is not the policy of any one political party and as a Brexiteer I welcome this long overdue shift towards delivering on the referendum decision and wish the Prime Minister and his team well on this.

Continued…As a social democrat I recognise this is a fundamentally Tory government and will continue to oppose a marketised NHS and argue for different social priorities.

Nevertheless I will seek to hold this government to pursuing as its first priority …

The UK has not gone through such an undemocratic period of governance for well over a century. We, the people, must ensure this deplorable and undemocratic process cannot continue.

Reacting to ‘Britain’s Brexit Crisis’ presented by Nick Robinson on BBC 1, Thursday 18 July 2019, Lord David Owen commented:

“There is one vital message to emerge from the BBC’s TV programme ‘Britain’s Brexit Crisis’ and it must be faced …