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David Owen says “Electoral Reformers Should Have Held Out For Real Reform”

David Owen says “Electorial reformers should have held out for real reform”.

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New Poll Shows Yes Campaign Failing to Persuade  Voters, Press Release, April 2011

“AV Referendum: Nick Clegg is Failing Vote Reformers, says Lord Owen”, published Daily Telegraph, April 2011

David Owen: I support a PR system, but I will be voting ‘no’ in the AV referendum

Published in the Independent Sunday, 13 March 2011

The referendum on AV has, unsurprisingly, generated very limited enthusiasm. People know they are being used as part of a fix between politicians unwilling to trust voters and let them have a free choice between proportional representation as well as AV and the status quo. Fixes happen in Parliament, but they have no place in the referendum.

Speech to The House of Lords debate on The Constitutional and Parliament Effect of Coalition Government


20 JANUARY 2011

My Lords, the circumstances in which this Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition came into existence need to be recalled. It was against a very serious financial crisis, a large structural fiscal deficit and a feeling in the country that, as a result of the negotiations, we had to have a Government which would, first, carry conviction in international markets-their first challenge, which …