Why we should quit a dysfunctional EU.

Lord Owen in today’s Times >Sunday Times > Focus.

“Facing a period of readjustment for two to three years while we leave a dysfunctional EU, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Every year that the UK can spend transitioning out from the EU will be well-spent.”

Sunday Times 29.5.16

The EU’s impact on the UK fishing industry

Extract of a speech delivered to a public meeting at the Holiday Inn, Plymouth, 27 May 2016 in support of Vote Leave

Read the full extract here: PlymouthSpeech

“We have just recently seen the EU Commission, whose competence it is, give away to the Faroes and Iceland 20% of EU mackerel which equates to 20% of UK mackerel since we have the largest stock. That produces a loss to the UK economy of around £300 million every year.

“If we leave the EU… The big change is the UK would regain its voting rights and its voice on numerous Regional Fisheries Managements Organisations where it has been systematically undermined and replaced by the EU in recent years.”

Lord Owen moves amendment to Queen’s speech in House of Lords to protect the NHS from the effects of Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

Read the full text here: HLQueen’sSpeechDebate23.5.16

“..the new right to regulate does not provide sufficient protection to the UK Government to ensure that no future government or Parliament will have its ability to increase the public sector provision of services limited..”

Lord Owen on BBC Radio ‘World Questions’ programme

Lord Owen joined the BBC’s ‘World Questions’ radio programme on Sunday 22 May 2016 to discuss aspects of the EU Referendum. Hosted by Jonathan Dimbleby, the programme also featured economist Ruth Lea who  supports Britain leaving the European Union along with former EU Commissioner Lord Chris Patten and the economic historian Nick Crafts, both of whom favour remaining in the EU.

Listen to the programme (available for approximately 28 days) here: Lord Owen ‘World Questions’

Lord Owen argues against early, speeded EU membership for Turkey

On Sunday, 21 May Lord Owen appeared on both Sunday Politics with Andrew Neil and Murnaghan on Sky News.

In these programmes Lord Owen reminded viewers that David Cameron had committed the UK at the European Council on 18 March 2016 (only 9 weeks ago) in para 8 of the formal announcement from the Council  “to re-energise the accession process” of Turkey into the EU. Also that “Preparatory work for the opening of other Chapters will continue at an accelerating pace …All these elements will be taken forward in parallel.”

Lord Owen stressed the paramount need to keep Turkey in NATO and as a country part European, part Middle East. The way to do that was through entry into the Single Market with other countries not in the EU but without a commitment to free movement of people and labour. Not through early, speeded-up EU membership with automatic right of entry into all other EU countries.

Hard-hitting answers to the EU Referendum questions most worrying voters

Titling his speech ‘The Courage of our Convictions’ and urging UK voters to “make 23 June our Independence Day”, Lord Owen today delivered penetrating analysis on the 10 questions being most frequently asked at EU Referendum campaign meetings:

  1. What has changed in the EU from the last referendum in 1975?
  2. Why should the Centre Left vote to leave?
  3. Tell us the truth about the economics of remaining in or leaving the EU?
  4. Tell us the truth about immigration
  5. Do the IMF and Bank of England Reports matter?
  6. How do we leave?
  7. What happens if we stay?
  8. What are the opportunities outside the EU/Eurozone?
  9. What lies behind the idea of a United States of Europe?
  10. What are the overall gains for the UK leaving the EU?


Watch Lord Owen delivering his speech here: The Courage of our Convictions

Lord Owen’s full speech with supporting annexes is here: SPEECH Vote LeaveHQ19.5.16

The accompanying press release is here: PressRelease19.5.16

“Immigration levels are at present increasing social tensions in the UK and driving the rise of right wing extremist parties across Europe,” Lord Owen commented in his speech, delivered at Vote Leave HQ.

“Leaving the EU would mean there could be an annual National Dividend like the Peace Dividend we enjoyed from reduced defence spending after the Soviet Union’s collapse. This National Dividend could mean as much as £10 billion to the UK, money which would otherwise be spent elsewhere by the EU. It should be earmarked to alleviating the social impact of immigration in specific areas of the UK most impacted by high immigration, as well as on the NHS, education and housing.”

Lord Owen urges voters to watch Martin Durkin’s ‘BREXIT – The  Movie’.

Access the movie free here: ‪BREXIT – The Movie



Cameron’s WW3 scare erroneous. The history false. The venue ludicrous. The virtual absence of British voters farcical.

Lord Owen hits back at Prime Minister Cameron’s WW3 scare.
The Sun, Wednesday 11 May 2016.

Read the full article here: PMs-claim-erroneous

The moment for the British people to define their character in the 21st Century came when our Prime Minister David Cameron invoked the threat of World War Three.

He was at the British Museum, surrounded by an assembly of ambassadors arriving in their limousines.

Could anything have been more ridiculous?

The claim was erroneous. The history false. The venue ludicrous. The virtual absence of British voters farcical

…The prime reason we were on the winning side in the First and Second World Wars was that we were a proper self-governing country with a Parliament that made its own laws, traded worldwide, and when faced by a military invasion of our friend and ally could decide for ourselves how to respond.

…As members of NATO and a permanent member of the UN Security Council, we will not become isolationists nor cease to be Europeans in 2016 if you vote for the UK to leave the EU on June 23.